Welcome To Tommy Chong’s Magical Medical Garden

This video is all about the magical tour of Tommy Chong’s medical marijuana garden. After a long history of smoking weed with his best friend, Cheech, he finally has is own spot for growing some of the best buds in the world.

Despite the fact that Chong was arrested and spent some time in jail for selling drug paraphernalia, such as bongs, he says he has no resentment. It gave him the opportunity to find new ways to grow the best buds on the planet.


Chong Gives You Choice

chong logo Welcome To Tommy Chongs Magical Medical Garden

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Chong’s Choice is the name of Tommy Chong’s new line of marijuana products, saying the choice goes way beyond smoking socially or medicinally, although he does grow a medical range. Chong gives you the choice to smoke fine quality weed because he only puts his names on the highest quality products.

Chong’s Medicinal principle

tommy Welcome To Tommy Chongs Magical Medical Garden

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When Chong was in bed with cancer, losing his life and his urge to do anything, weed was his savior. After having an operation he lost his appetite, his physical energy, and in fact his desire to do anything in life. Then his wife reminded him that he could get stoned. And when he did he forgot he was sick, and could remember to eat and enjoy life again.

Chong says that prohibition was a racist law that came into place when alcohol prohibition stopped working. But he holds no resentment for the people who arrested him because it gave him the opportunity to grow better buds in more inventive ways. He says there’s a positive message in it all.

In terms of staying safe in jail, Chong’s advice is to be the weirdest one there so that no one will want to hang out with you. And say no when they offer you weed, they will probably drug test you shortly after and you’ll be in trouble!

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