What I’ve Learned As A Cannabis Industry Tour Guide

Hey everybody, my name is Kyle, I am 21 years young, and I am one of the Tour Guides and the Social Media Manager here at Kush Tourism. When I was younger I never thought I would be working in the legal cannabis industry showing tourists around local grow operations, analytical testing facilities, recreation stores, head shops, glassblowing facilities, and more. I’ve learned a lot about the industry since I landed this job, and I have met some really cool people from all over the world who are fascinated with the idea of legal cannabis. Below are some of the interesting and surprising things I’ve learned since I’ve been working with Kush Tourism.

1. Many people in the cannabis industry come from completely different work backgrounds.

I’ve met a lot of different individuals from various businesses that we stop at on our tours, and I’ve noticed that the majority of the people that are working in this industry come from completely different backgrounds. An example of this is Jill who is the Master Gardener at Sky High Gardens used to be a paralegal before she decided to get into the legal cannabis industry and manage a grow operation. Sky High is known for producing some of the most potent top shelf buds here in Seattle, and if you ever see some of their product in a recreation store I seriously recommend purchasing it.

2. Cannabis Testing Facilities are a lot more complex than I thought.

For some odd reason when I tell our customers that our next stop is Analytical 360, one of Seattle’s best marijuana testing laboratory, some of them assume it’s just a place where a bunch of folks are sitting around smoking weed, taking dabs, eating edibles and seeing how they feel afterwards. That would be a pretty awesome and easy job if that’s what was actually happening at these facilities, but the truth is far from that. At Analytical 360 all the employees I know have a background in chemistry or microbiology, and they are HIGHly (no pun intended) educated with college degrees. They need to perform visual inspections through microscopes, they need to know how to work high performance liquid chromatography machines, they need to read and analyze graphs of different cannabinoids, and perform a lot of complex mathematics in order to calculate accurate data and provide their customers with a quality test. These testing facilities are very professional and scientific, and it is awesome that we know exactly what we’re getting when we purchase products at recreation stores in Washington State.

3. Out of state tourists spend a lot of money on products at recreation stores.

Shout out to all the people that came on one of our tours and spent over $200 at Seattle Cannabis Co. I recall seeing this at least four times and you individuals really know how to plan and do a Seattle vacation right in some of the cannabis friendly hotels that we offer through our website.

4. People from all over the world are fascinated with the idea of legal cannabis. Especially Canadians.

In the 3 months that I have been working I have had people on our tours from numerous states in the U.S., Puerto Rico, Indonesia, Korea, and MANY different provinces in Canada. It is awesome that people from all over the world are supportive of legal cannabis, and after talking to many of them they all wished that their hometowns viewed and treated marijuana like Seattle and Washington State does. I recall plenty of folks after the tours saying they wished they could move and relocate to Seattle, and I really hope those plans work out for you because it is a beautiful place to live.

5. Finding parking in Seattle is nearly impossible these days.

Not much more to say here but if you live in Seattle you know what I am talking about. I would argue that finding parking on weekdays could be the hardest part about this job.

Book a tour with us today and I promise you will enjoy yourself and learn a lot about the legal cannabis industry here in Seattle. I look forward to meeting and hanging out with you for the afternoon and showing you around town. Cheers!

Written by Kyle on

August 11, 2015




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