You Need To Be Watching CineDopes

what to watch when high

What to Watch When High: Cinedopes

What to watch when High

Once you get done watching Naked Weed Report and The Stoned Housewives of Humboldt County, we strongly recommend checking out CineDopes, a new web series by Total Anarchy TV (Subscribe to them on YouTube! They’re hilarious!).

According to their YouTube page, “Tim, a broken down dime bag weed dealer, inherits a movie theater after his father unexpectedly passes away. Tim’s best buddy, Blake, convinces him to “take a look” at his new prize… only to find it’s run by a crew of misfits and deviants. Tim starts to learn his little indie movie theater may be WAAAAY more trouble than it’s worth.”

We cannot stress it enough – this series is hilarious. Season one is completely available, and much to our delight season two is in the works.

We’ve taken it upon ourselves to include the first episode below so you can get acquainted. We promise you it will be love at first sight.

When you are done with a CineDopes marathon check out more videos at  They have tutorials, recipes, comedy, smoke tricks, legalization news, and much much more cannabis content.  When you are done there comeback to for sexy galleries, funny articles, and cannabis quizzes!

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