Happy 20th Anniversary, Friday!

what to watch when high

What to watch when high: Friday turns 20.

What to Watch When High:

Mark your calendars and feel a little old, because this year is the 20th anniversary of the movie Friday!  That’s right, guys, it’s been 20 years since Ice Cube became a bona fide movie star and Chris Tucker won your hearts as Smokey.  Daaaaamn.

To celebrate, the director’s cut of the movie will be shown on 4/20 in 420-friendly theaters across the country.    If you don’t happen to live in a state where weed is recreationally legal, we suggest popping your own popcorn and smoking out your couch with Smokey, Deebo, Big Worm, and, of course, Craig.

Friday’s Wikipedia Profile:

Friday is a 1995 American stoner buddy comedy-drama film directed by F. Gary Gray in his directorial debut. It stars Ice Cube, who co-wrote the film with DJ Pooh, and Chris Tucker in his first starring role. The film details roughly 16 hours in the lives of unemployed Craig Jones (Cube) and Smokey (Tucker), who must pay a drug dealer $200 by 10:00 p.m. that night.

Here are some of the best Friday clips to get you by until then.

For more check out StonedTube.com, they have tutorials, recipes, comedy, news, smoke tricks, and much much more cannabis related videos!  They are most definitely the answer to the question of what to watch when high.

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