The Definitive List Of What You Need To Get High And Watch Over Holiday Break

Watch Over Holiday Break Feature

Whether you’re in school or out in the “real world”, everyone has a few days off over the holidays.  Once you get done eating, socializing, and smoking a bowl, and you’re ready to unwind, you may find yourself tired of the same old holiday movies on the television.  Here are some of our recommendations for when you’re stoned and looking for something fun to watch while at home!

What to Watch When High:

1.  Body High

Body High combines all of your favorite things:  Weed, sex, and Nick Swardson.  It’s a movie about a struggling dispensary owner that gets his hands on a magical strain of weed that sends women’s libidos into over drive.  Like, they get really, really horny.  Oh, and Nick Swardson is funny.  Check out the trailer above, and get the full movie at!


2.  A Very Murray Christmas

It’s Bill Murray, Christmas, and Netflix.  What more could you want???


3.  The Ridiculous 6

Just make sure you’re really, really stoned.


4.  Master Of None

If you haven’t seen this yet, do yourself a favor and get your life together.  Aziz Ansari is pure genius.  In fact, don’t even wait for break.  Leave whatever you’re doing and just go binge watch it now.

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