8 Netflix Shows Perfect For Any Pothead

Image Credit: Pinterest

Image Credit: Pinterest

Other than bud, Netflix is a weed smoker’s best friend.  And, while we know you probably have an infinitely long playlist already, here are a few other gems on Netflix you might not even know you’d love.


1.  Sense8


From the creators of The Matrix comes Sense8.  You can watch the first season on Netflix now, which follows the lives of 8 people who can telepathically experience each others lives.  It’s like this show was made specifically for stoners.


2.  Between


After a mysterious disease kills every resident over 22 years old, the survivors must figure out a plan when the government quarantines them.  Our plan:  Smoke a lot of weed.


3.  Jen Kirkman:  I’m Gonna Die Alone

jen kirkman

Funny girl Jen Kirkman shines in this Netflix original comedy special.  Perfect for when you need a good laugh after Between.  


4.  Hidden Kingdoms

hidden kingdoms

For all of you stoners out there who like to be educational with your highs, we recommend Hidden Kingdoms.  The show follows tiny animals in their hidden environments.  Haven’t you always wanted to know what goes on during the day-to-day life of a deadly snake?  We sure have.

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