Sarah Silverman’s High Pot Pie

What to Watch When High: Sarah Silverman’s Pot Pie

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the web series, My Drunk Kitchen by Hannah Hart, you are seriously missing out. Essentially, Hart invites celebrities to cook with her, and in the process, they get drunk. It’s incredibly funny to watch while you’re high, but we at Stoned Girls were wondering why she always got drunk but never stoned to cook. It’s so much more fun to cook while you’re high, and probably a lot safer too. Just when we thought we were never going to see Hannah do some baked YouTube baking, she did us one better. The most recent episode of My Drunk Kitchen features our absolute favorite Stoned Girl comedienne, Sarah Silverman, making veggie pot pie! It’s the funniest thing to happen in a kitchen, well, probably ever.

Hart and Silverman start out the episode by discussing the differences between indica and sativa weed, and how Hart sometimes prefers weed to her usual go-to alcohol. When asked if she drinks, Silverman says that she does not like the taste of alcohol, likening it to “mayonnaise earwax.” Gross. Then, they spark up a blunt together and slowly puff on it throughout the episode.

Overall in the episode, Hart comments on how smoking weed, as opposed to drinking, is a much easier, better, and overall healthier option for her. Quite frankly, the ladies are hilarious together and we wouldn’t mind seeing a lot more “pot” pies coming out of their kitchen together. We here at Stoned Girls certainly hope that Hart continues to embrace her positive pot experience, and invites more weed-loving celebrities on her show. For now, here is the video. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

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