What to Watch When High: Puff, the Magic Dragon

what to watch when high

What to watch when High

I am a HUGE fan of Puff, the Magic Dragon – I’m talking the original 1978 TV film based on Peter, Paul & Mary’s magical song (though, the later versions are pretty freaking creepy, too). At one point in my life (when I was 21 years old), I was so obsessed, I watched it at a minimum of once a week, mostly when I was drunk and had a random dude from the bar with me. (I make for an interesting one-night stand.)

So, why is Puff, the Magic Dragon what to watch when high, you ask? Oh my gawd, let me tell you!

1. The movie features a TALKING dragon that looks ridiculous, does ridiculous things, and says ridiculous shit.

2. It is filled with priceless quotes. Example: “By the way, where’s your fancy stuff?”

3. The movie is inspirational, encouraging its viewers to be brave and conquer their fears!

4. The soundtrack is beautiful. My favorite song is “Weave Me the Sunshine,” which is the last song of the movie. When it comes on, I crank up the volume, scream the lyrics, and dance! (I’m sure my random lovers enjoy this part of the night the most.)

My Love of Puff Knows No Bounds

5. Overall, the adventures of Puff and Jacky Paper (the little boy Puff inspires to be strong) are trippy as shit. Every single time I watch the movie, I am left baffled with my jaw dropped — hey, at least it’s easy access for my random lovers’ ding-a-lings.

6. Also, every time I watch the movie, I see something bizarre that I’ve never seen before! In each scene, Puff throws out some odd phrase or creepy facial expression that does not AT ALL go along with the rest of the scene. Example: at the end of the movie, when Puff is climbing out the window, he randomly turns around and says, “Chicken Soup.”

7. The movie makes me feel all types of ways – it’s like a rollercoaster of emotions, ranging from sadness and empathy to fear and panic to extreme joy and excitement.

8. I am in love with the minds of the creators of this movie.

9. And, finally, the main reason I am in love with Puff, the Magic Dragon (and, I kind of touched on this in #4): THE END OF THE MOVIE IS JUST SO FREAKING HAPPY. I am not kidding. When I watch the characters dancing and singing to “Weave Me the Sunshine,” I am so overjoyed, my heart feels like it is going to burst into 1,000 little rainbows. UGH, I just get so happy that the characters are so happy! And, sometimes, it is unbearable! Words can’t even describe! AHHHH! (There is nothing sexier than your one-night stand crying of joy while watching a creepy kids’ movie.)

See Puff for Yourself

Now, I expect each and every one of you to watch Puff, the Magic Dragon immediately. Stop what you are doing, and watch it. The movie is great for every occasion. If you are sad or lonely, it will cheer you up and make you feel loved. If you are afraid or nervous, it will give you courage. If you are stressed, it will relieve you. And, if you are happy, it will make you even happier!

With Puff, everyone wins! Let us know of some more movies worthy of a fat blunt in tow at StonedGirls.com

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