Our Favorite Stoner Vines This Week

what to watch when high

What to Watch When High: Vines have become one great place for stoned viewing

Vines are a great way for even the most inexperienced person to make videos.  You know what else is great about vines?  They’re only 7 seconds long, so if they suck, you don’t waste your time watching someone else’s crappy amateur hour.  On that note, Stoned Girls has gone through the trouble of scouring the vast vine wasteland and finding the best stoner vines this week.  You’re welcome.


What to Watch When High: This Weeks Stoner Vines

“This guy is as cool as a cucumber in his sweatband.  We want to know how many times he practiced that before they nailed it, and we wouldn’t mind seeing all of the fails.”

“We feel you, bro.”

“Brilliant logic, sir. You are quite the philosopher.”

“Oh, girl.  We’ve all been there.”

“This would be a lot cooler if he wasn’t dancing in a room decorated for a 5-year-old girl….”

Show us your favorite stoner vines at rebecca@stonedgirls.com! When you are tired of Vines, check out all the other amusing articles we have.  We are sure you will find something you like, it wont be seven seconds long, but hey, everything cannot be a vine!

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