SXSW Cannabis-Themed Documentary To Go National


What to Watch when High: South by Southwest

For those of you who missed South by Southwest, shame on you.  For those of you who were there, hopefully you were able to get in on the buzz that is the new cannabis documentary “Rolling Papers.” 

What to Watch When High:

“Rolling Papers” premiered at the festival with rave reviews.  In fact, it was so well received that it will now be brought to the masses, thanks to Alchemy.

“’Rolling Papers’ is a must-see documentary about how the media and society deal with the rapid cultural shift to marijuana legalization,” said Alchemy topper Bill Lee. “The film couldn’t be more timely and we look forward to bringing it to a worldwide audience.”

rolling papers

The project was funded via Kickstarter, a platform that allows artistic projects to receive financial support from online backers.  The movie’s Kickstarter page said of the project, “The film will focus on the multiple impacts of legalization as the first step of a cultural shift across the country and possibly the world. The pendulum could swing on either side of the issue and we are capturing this great social experience as it unfolds. Don’t worry, we won’t give away the ending…the outcome of this controversial topic will unfold for many years to come…”

The documentary centers on Ricardo Baca of the Denver Post, the world’s first marijuana editor.  As the leader of the Cannabist section of the Post, Baca’s mission is to report marijuana history as it happens.

“Rolling Papers” will be released later this year.

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