The Ultimate #MINDFUCK

What to Watch While High

I am sure many of you have already had the chance to watch this video demonstrating just how fucking HUGE the Andromeda Galaxy is. If you haven’t, sit down and brace yourself for the ultimate MINDFUCK.

So, we live in the Milky Way Galaxy, right, which the Andromeda Galaxy neighbors. Recently, the Hubble Space Telescope captured the sharpest and largest mosaic image of our galactic neighbor, located a whopping 2.5 MILLION light-years away from Earth! That fact alone melts my brain a bit, but get this, the panoramic image includes 48,000 light-years of this galaxy’s disk – more than 100 MILLION stars! My mind just exploded, but don’t worry, I was able to pick up the pieces.

Now, I recommend you watch this video — which zooms in on only a FRACTION of the image – when you are high as fuck. Last night, when I was high as fuck, I watched this video and now my eyebrows are stuck in a shocked expression.

At first, I was mesmerized by the video – like “Holy fuck, this galaxy is BEAUTIFUL. Think of all the different life forms out there!” But then I realized, the sun is a star, and earth is just one planet surrounding this one star. Our galaxy alone has a shit ton of stars, surrounded by a shit ton of planets, occupied by a SHIT TON of species. And this fucking video shows a completely different galaxy with the same fucking shit! THAT IS SO MUCH LIFE THAT WE KNOW NOTHING ABOUT. SO MUCH LIFE.

That’s when my mind was officially fucked. I don’t even know what it means to exist anymore.

So, moral of the story, get high as fuck and watch this shit.

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