Find Out Where You Can’t Have Smelly Weed

hot girl smell weed

Medford, Oregon does not like your smelly pot.  In fact, they dislike the smell of your weed so much that the city is considering a regulation that would fine growers if their marijuana is too pungent.


This ordinance, already drafted by the city, would fine both medical and recreational growers in the state up to $250 per day.  It also gives the city the power to seize the plants for noncompliance.  Also, as if that wasn’t enough, the ordinance would require growers to keep their plants locked up and out of sight from their 80,000 residents.

Apparently, the malodorous issue has been pressing the town of Medford since the late 1990s, which was when medical marijuana was legalized in Oregon.  It wasn’t until recreational marijuana was legalized in November, however, that officials finally decided to put a plan into action addressing the smells.

Those opposed to the ordinance say that this is just another town trying to find a way around legalized recreational marijuana.  “Is there a prohibition on all noxious odors or just marijuana, which some people wouldn’t think is a noxious odor? My suspicion is that they don’t and this is nothing more than a veiled attempt to undermine implementation of the ballot measure,” American Civil Liberties Union of Oregon Executive Director David Fidanque said.

Deputy City Attorney Kevin McConnell, however, had this to say, “I think there was a feeling now (that) this is going to become more prevalent, and it’s something that needs to be dealt with.  My argument would be that it’s more of a general question about what’s the societal norm here in Medford? Is the smell of marijuana a normal smell? That’s up to the council to decide.”

All we at Stoned Girls want to know, though, is who gets the job of determining how smelly is too smelly?

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