Willie Nelson’s “Willie’s Reserve” Weed Brand Gets Funded

Willie's reserve funded feature

In follow up news to Willie Nelson’s pot brand – Willie’s reserve, the company has received private equity from a New York based company. Tuatara Capital will help with the funding of growth and distribution of Willie’s product in stores thorughout Colorado and Washington, and is set to expand to new markets when laws allow. Nelson said he will be hands on during quality control to make sure customers are getting the best product. With more and more celebrities jumping on the weed sale bandwagon, I am personally on the fence about whether I think its a good idea to have a celebrity endorsed marijuana product. I feel as though most celebs are in the game to make a quick buck because the general public knows their name and likeness and links it to cannabis use. If more and more PE firms such as Tuatara Capital get invovled, we may see an oversaturated marketplace akin to the cereal aisle at your supermarket.

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